Why do I need annual maintenance?

Preventive care can save a lot of money on unanticipated heating and cooling emergencies. Much like the mechanical system in your car, your heating/ cooling systems need a yearly maintenance. Paying the price for a preventative maintenance call in most cases is a lot cheaper than paying for major repairs. 

*Some manufacturer’s warranties ARE voided if the equipment is not maintained/ serviced yearly by a certified technician* 

What is included?

  • Parts inspection, identify any part that may be failin
  • Clean blower motors and parts
  • Inspect and clean condensate lines
  • Test refrigerant levels in an air conditioner or heat pump
  • Inspect and clean heat exchangers, pilot, and ignitor
  • Test electronic components and system controls
  • Calibrate thermostat and check airflow
  • Tighten loose fittings and connections

Equipment we service:

  • Air Conditioner/ Heat Pump (Air Source)
  • Natural Gas/ Propane Furnace
  • Geothermal Heat Pump
  • Natural Gas/ Propane Boiler
  • Natural Gas/ Propane Fireplace
  • Natural Gas/ Propane Water Heater
  • HRV/ ERV



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