05 Oct 2015

After a long, hard day you want to take a nice, hot shower, but you can’t. Something is wrong with your water pressure and you’re not quite sure what it is. Denoco Energy Systems offers quality plumbing services in Smiths Falls and the Ottawa region to inspect your water pressure issues and get that water flowing smoothly again.

If you want to investigate before calling the pros, where do you start? What could be causing your water pressure issues? Well, there are a few things you need to consider before picking up the phone to call an expert.

  1. You Could Be Dealing with a Water Leak

One of the most common reasons for water pressure issues is the presence of a leak.  Breaks, cracks, and holes in the pipes can cause water to seep out along the lines, which might spell disaster on your property if you’re not careful. Water leaks are responsible for structural damages, fires, floods, and even mould – all of which are more serious matters than simple water pressure issues.

  1. The Issue Could Just Be Mineral Deposits

If you are lucky, then your water pressure issues will be due to a simple mineral deposit in the pipes. This is an easy fix and requires you to replace small sections of pipe and really nothing more.  It can be done without the help of a professional, as long as you are confident that you can install new pipes correctly. If you have any doubts, don’t take a chance – call Denoco Energy Systems to take care of it. Just keep in mind that your water pressure issues could just be an effect of natural sedimentation and won’t cost you a boatload of money to fix.

  1. Debris in the Water Won’t Help Matters Any

Should the water pressure issues be caused by mineral deposits, you might want to check into the amount of debris that is in your water. The problem may be perpetuated by the fact that your water is unclean, and with your pipes already clogging with minerals the issue can result in low water pressure throughout your entire house. Now, this issue may take the help of a professional, but it’s not the end of the world. At least you know that it can be fixed.

*TIP: Iron pipes are notorious for rusting and breaking loose and plastic pipes can disintegrate and bust into pieces.  When checking your pipes for leaks and debris, check to see what material they are made of and consider which one would be best for your home.


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