14 Aug 2015

If your air conditioning unit zonks out in the middle of a heat wave, this is definitely a clear sign that it needs to be repaired or replaced, but you never want to be caught in that position. Scheduling an AC inspection from Denoco at the first sign of trouble could save you a lot of sweaty nights in the near future. Here are six signs that your AC unit needs to be inspected:

It Doesn’t Produce Cool Air

If you have your AC running at full blast and it’s only emitting mildly cool or room temperature air, it’s time to schedule an inspection. Your system’s compressor may have failed, or the Freon levels may be too low. If you don’t take quick steps to repair the unit, you may have to go with a costly replacement instead.

There Are Moisture Leaks

Do you notice moisture leaking around the AC unit? Schedule a service call, because this could be caused by two big problems. For one, the refrigerant could be leaking, which will put the health of your family at risk, so you need to get it solved immediately. Or, the drain tube that takes care of condensation in the unit may be broken or blocked. Though it is not as concerning as a refrigerant leak, it could lead to mould growth if you don’t address it.

It Has Weak Air Flow

Feel the air coming from the AC vents. If the air flow is weak or – even worse – if there is no air flow, schedule an inspection. There could be many causes of this problem. The compressor may be failing, there may be trouble with the ductwork, or there could be debris stuck in the vents obstructing airflow. Or, it may be that you need to change your filter, so try this first.

You Hear Strange Sounds

Does your air conditioner squeal, squeak, and rattle? These noises are a sign that something is amiss inside the unit. It may be as simple as a small component needing more lubrication. Grinding sounds usually indicate that the motor’s bearings are in need of repair. No matter the sound, strange noises mean it’s inspection time.

You Smell Strange Odours

If you smell a burning or off-putting odour coming from your AC, the wire insulation may have been burnt out. Musty smells mean mould, so get it taken care of ASAP with an inspection to identify the problem.

Remember, you want to spot a warning sign and get it inspected before your AC breaks when you need it most. Contact Denoco Energy Systems today to schedule an AC inspection and nip any problems in the bud.

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