A little bit about who we are and what we do…

For 35 years, Denoco has been your local expert in all things heating, air conditioning and plumbing – providing comfort to Eastern Ontario homes.

Many services are offered to the residential and light commercial markets – from addressing your emergency heating issues; supply, installation and servicing of furnaces, heat pumps, radiant in- floor systems, hot water tanks, air conditioners, to plumbing for both new and existing homes. These services are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what Denoco has to offer.

Their staff of polite, professional and competent tradesmen install, repair and maintain furnaces – conventional systems such as gas, oil, propane, as well as air conditioning. But they are also able to guide customers through what can be an intimidating selection process, discussing the pros and cons of what is available – to help the client decide how best to heat or cool their home. It comes from a practical and financial point of view – from experts with answers.

Denoco is a one-stop shop for completion of everything from roughing in plumbing for basements or new additions, to new bathrooms and kitchens. From frozen pipes to waterline and drainage re-piping, water pressure issues to sump pump repair and replacement, the list of services Denoco offers to the community is a lengthy one.

Denoco’s owner, Dennis O’Connor likes to think outside the box to provide the best possible service to his customers. To add to their offerings, Denoco is also the local dealer for Yanmar Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and Robur gas absorption heat pumps. CHPs burn either propane or gas in order to produce electricity and heat. Robur heat pumps use either propane or gas in order to create heat and air conditioning.

O’Connor explains, “These units are obviously not for everyone, but if you have the right application, the installation of either can be extremely cost effective.” Another trend over the past number of years has seen citizens changing over to propane furnaces from oil. “While propane is cleaner and more efficient, your heating costs per year might actually increase,” O’Connor commented. But he emphasizes, “This depends on the comparative prices of those fuels at any given time. We try to make the homeowner aware of these considerations to help in the decision.”

Denoco’s dedicated staff attends manufacturers’ service classes, as often as possible, to ensure their skills are consistently upgraded and to guarantee they are learning the newest trends and techniques in the market.

All of this lends itself to client fulfillment. “We guarantee customer satisfaction,” O’Connor says. “We have gained a lot of expertise over the years and we know you will benefit from that.

Whether it’s a plumbing service call for your kitchen sink or the heating and air conditioning installation for your new custom home or business, we expect that you will be as proud of our work as we are.”