13 Jun 2016


It is one on the warmest days of the year and my a/c is not blowing cold air. I actually see a buildup of ice, why is this happening? And what can I do?

The first step is to shut off the a/c at the thermostat. Turn the fan setting to auto on.  This will unfreeze your evaporator coil (inside) and you will be less likely to further damage the compressor (outside).  The thawing process can take up to 24 hours.

Possible reasons for the freeze up:

  • Blocked air flow, air is not getting through the system properly. Check the furnace filters, if dirty change them. Make sure the condensate line is not blocked. Check the inside coil, a dirty evaporator coil can restrict air flow. Check the vents, the return air vents can’t be covered or blocked. The supply air vents need to be kept open for airflow. Call DENOCO for a maintenance of your system.
  • Faulty motor, check this by determining if the outdoor condensing unit is running. If outside is running but nothing is happening inside Call DENOCO
  • Leak in Refrigeration, refrigerant collects the heat in your home and moves it outside. Over time with wear and tear and vibration a leak can develop. For this to be diagnosed you will need to Call DENOCO. They will check the refrigeration levels with gauges. If levels are low, the source of the leak will need to be determined. The system will need to be evacuated to locate the leak, once located the leak needs to be fixed, the system will then be pressure tested, refrigeration levels brought up to the manufacturer’s specifications, then a/c started up. Repairing a leak most likely is only temporary fix, it may be time to replace/upgrade your system. Call DENOCO