03 Dec 2015

For millenia we have taken from nature and now is the time to give back by making very simple and small choices. Here we will learn about how it is a wise idea to switch to natural gas from oil. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it is also great for your wallet too.  

Natural Gas in Ontario

Natural gas is the principle energy source of choice for the majority of homeowners in Ontario. According to Statistics Canada, 58% of households in the province of Ontario use natural gas for home heating, water heating, and to fuel large appliances likes ranges and clothes dryers. The majority of homes in Ontario use natural gas instead of electricity or oil as the main fuel source.  

Better for Your Wallet

It all comes down to dollars and cents. Natural gas costs homeowners less in energy expenses compared with oil, electricity, and propane. You’ll notice your bills take a big dip from the moment you make the switch. In the current economy where expenses are sky high, a change like this can make a huge difference to quality of life.   

Let’s do a conversion to prove it. For a home with the following characteristics:

  • Located in Eastern Ontario (Ottawa/Carleton, Leeds/Grenville, Prescott/Russell)
  • Single detached
  • Built in the 1990s
  • Under 2,000 sq. ft
  • 3 bed, 2 bath

Convert to natural gas could cut your energy expenditures by 70% when compared against electricity, and 62% compared with oil. Plug your own home into the Savings Calculator and try for yourself!

Natural Gas Appliances

Homes use natural gas for more than just powering the furnace and water heater. Natural gas can power almost any appliance in and around the home, from BBQs and fireplaces to dryers, stoves, and pool heaters. Name a household appliance, and there’s a good chance it is compatible with natural gas.

The Convenience of Natural Gas

We live in the age of convenience. Who wants to worry about buying firewood for the fireplace or hauling bags of coal home for a weekend barbeque? Sit back and relax in the crinkling light of a natural gas fireplace or cook your steaks to perfection with a consistent and reliable natural gas BBQ.

The Environmental Choice

And lastly, there is the environmentally friendly advantage that presides over all the other sources of energy. Natural gas produces less solid waste and water pollution in comparison to electricity and oil, making it the recommended choice by environmentalists.  

There are so many benefits of using natural gas in our homes. Call Denoco today to schedule a conversion from electric to gas or conversion from oil to gas. Make the switch to the safe and cost-efficient choice.

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