07 Nov 2015

Imagine this. A cold winter night, a dim lit room, a cup of hot cocoa, your comfiest sweater, a good read and you snuggled up in front of a fireplace. Sounds heavenly, right? But this is not the only reason to install a fireplace.

Fireplaces just have their own feel and warmth that is so much better than a heater.  When has anyone ever spent quality time cuddled up in front of a heater, anyway? So as winter approaches, it might be time to invest in a modern and energy efficient fireplace.

Heated Comfort, Guilt Free

Wood fireplaces are an all-time classic, but there’s a bigger picture at stake than your comfort. If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, then opting for a gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning fireplace is the right choice for you. A gas fireplace is cost-efficient, energy-efficient, and eco-conscious compared with a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

The Value of Aesthetics

If you’ve ever walked into a living room or master bedroom outfitted with a sleek gas fireplace, you know how much it can enhance the look of a room. Nowadays fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Picture an elongated fireplace in a stainless steel frame with a single elegant flame, a horizontal panel fireplace flickering above your soaker tub in the master bathroom, or a classic fireplace insert with a decorative mantel in your living room. The variations are endless, and each style is as irresistible as the next.

Add Value to Your Home

If you end up putting your home on the market, few features will stand out like a warm flickering fireplace in the middle of a harsh Ottawa winter. Fireplaces provide good ROI and could set your property apart from a comparable home for sale down the road. Install a fireplace for your own purposes, but you might be pleasantly surprised by its impact should you decide to sell the home in the future.

And having said this once is just not enough. Fireplaces are convenient, cozy and they set a different tone to your home. They show elegance and warmth.

So before the winter is upon us, think about what you want to do about your heating situation.  A fireplace will relieve you a little from depending a 100% on those power companies. Plus they give your house a personal touch, turning it from house to home. I don’t know about you, but I for one cannot wait to get the fireplace going and have some time alone with my thoughts (and a toasty mug full of hot chocolate!).



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