21 Sep 2015

Owning a home means taking responsibility for all maintenance and repairs required on the property. That includes your sump pump. Your home is where you live, work, and love, which means it should not be where you deal with a backed-up system. Sump pump repair is sometimes necessary to maintain a comfortable home, but you might not need to spend the money on it if you’re wise. In order to save yourself some trouble, consider a few things before paying for a sump pump repair.

  1. Your Sump Pump Works Harder When it Rains

There may be times during the year when you practically forget you even have a sump pump because it operates so quietly. However, once it begins to rain or when the snow finally melts, you may start to notice your sump pump again. A properly installed and operational sump pump works to keep groundwater from seeping into your house and is most commonly found in the basement. It has direct access to the weather and will begin to make some noise as it works to keep up with the demand.

  1. The Float Is the Most Vulnerable Part of a Sump Pump

Although the float found inside a sump pump is quite vital to proper functions, it is still the most sensitive part of the entire contraption. As the float becomes inundated with water it triggers the pump to pull water away from the pit, but a malfunctioning float will not do this. If you notice an issue, it could just be that your float is in need of repair. To check it, simply pour some water directly into the pit and see if the float rises on its own. Do this a few times a year just to stay on top of things.

  1. The Sump Pit has to be Cleaned

You might encounter a few problems during those quarterly tests, but it could be due to an influx of debris in the sump pit. Take some time to dig around (with a glove on, of course) and remove any loose items you find. Even if the rest of your unit is still working just fine, this is still a good idea just to ensure proper maintenance and save you some money later on. If all else fails, you can always call a professional like Denoco Energy Systems to help you with the upkeep.

If you do end up with a sump pump in need of repair, call Denoco Energy Systems for fast and friendly service.


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